Who is Trent Baalke's Mystery Draft Crush?

Fooch's Note: Check out audio of Trent Baalke's press conference (Part 1 and Part 2). Who is Baalke's draft crush?

Who is the guy that the 49ers are absolutely enamored with? My heart tells me Fleener, since he's going in the mid second round in a lot of mocks.

But my gut tells me its a small-school guy...WR Brian Quick, Appalachian State? Another guess - Washington NT Alameda Ta'amu.

"We have one person that we feel real good about that if we're not able to make some moves, if we choose to do that, up or back," Baalke said Wednesday during a pre-draft media session. "You got to be prepared to make the pick at 30, which we're prepared to do. You see how the board falls. We certainly have more than one person. But there is one in particular that we feel will be there. And if he is, we'll be prepared to make the pick."

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