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49ers Local Pro Day Sees Coby Fleener, Chris Owusu Not Participate In Drills

The 49ers held their annual local Pro Day, which featured players at local colleges and players from the area that attend school elsewhere in the country. Last year it was a pretty big deal in part because Jim Harbaugh got his first chance to really interact with football players as 49ers head coach. The lockout was in full swing, so Coach Harbaugh had only been working with his assistant coaches. All reports were that he went full boar at last year's Pro Day.

This year's Pro Day featured a lot of talent, although not all of the players took part in the various drills. Coby Fleener and Chris Owusu are two of the prominent names to attend but not participate. The 49ers know what they are going to know about Fleener and did actually hold a meeting with him today. With Chris Owusu, it seems like he is content sitting on a strong Combine performance.

Head after the jump to view a rundown of the players that attended the 49ers local Pro Day.

Quarterback: Brock Mansion (Cal)

Running back: DaJuan Cofield (San Jose State), Deante' Purvis (UNLV-Pinole), Brandon Rutley (San Jose State), Jeremy Stewart (Stanford)

Wide receiver: Stanley Arukwe (Troy-San Jose), Michael Avila (San Jose State), Troy Evans (Marshall-Oakland), William Frazier (Ferris State-Redwood City), DeAndre Green (New Mexico Highlands-Oakland), John Hendershott (Sacramento State-Concord), Taulib Ikharo (Louisiana Tech-Berkeley), Marvin Jones (Cal), Armahd Lewis (Central Washington-San Jose), Corbin Louks (Nevada-Danville), Brandyn Reed (Sacramento-San Francisco), Griff Whalen (Stanford). Chris Owusu (Stanford) did not participate in drills

Tight end: Anthony Miller (Cal). Coby Fleener (Stanford) did not participate in drills

Offensive line: C Robert Reed (San Jose State), G Justin Cheadle (Cal), G Sioeli Fakalata (New Mexico State-East Palo Alto), G Justin Gates (Cal), Federick Koloto (San Jose State), T Paul Madsen (Colorado State-Danville), T Andres Vargas (San Jose State)

Defensive line: DE Trevor Guyton (Cal), DE Matthew Masifilo (Stanford), DT Pablo Garcia (San Jose State), DT Oliver Pryor (Missouri Western State-Walnut Creek)

Linebacker: ILB Mychael Kendricks (Cal), OLB Pompey Festejo (San Jose State), LB/FB Mohamed Marah (San Jose State)

Cornerback: Johnson Bademosi (Stanford), Corey Gatewood (Stanford), Peyton Thompson (San Jose State)

Safety: Brandon Davis (San Diego State-Oakland), Alexander Germany (San Jose State), Lanny Kelly Howard-Richmond), FS Michael Thomas (Stanford), Darion Campbell (Cal), Sean Cattouse (Cal), Duke Ihenacho (San Jose State), Joseph Larche (Sacramento State-Hayward), Manu Ngatikaura (San Jose State), Delano Howell (Stanford)

Specialists: K Giorgio Tavecchio (Cal), LS Ben Zorn (San Jose State). P Bryan Anger (Cal) did not participate in drills.