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49ers Workouts: Randy Moss To Remain Out Of Town Until April 30

The San Francisco 49ers began their voluntary organized offseason workouts on Monday and there are only a few notable absences. Running back Frank Gore is reportedly staying in Miami for now, which is generally the case during the offseason. Dashon Goldson is still working on a contract and having not signed his franchise tender yet, he has elected to remain away from practice. The final player absent is wide receiver Randy Moss.

Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh chatted with the media today and both indicated Moss' absence was expected, and in fact was something they arranged for when Moss first signed his contract. Harbaugh went on to say that all parties involved agreed that he would be back in Santa Clara on April 30 when the team gets into more detailed class work on on-field work.

Moss sat out the 2011 season in part because of some personal issues that were never fully explained. The speculation surrounded something to do with his family, but nothing was ever confirmed one way or the other. He has his family back in West Virginia and it sounds like he is handling his business back there for now. Whatever the case, he is expected in town in twelve days. Moss does not have any workout bonuses in his contract, which is something quite a few 49ers players have.