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Golden Nuggets: Local Pro Day, Trent Baalke & Jim Harbaugh Interviews

Hello, hello. This one is going to have to be short and sweet. I'm running late getting home from work and am getting a bit of a cold, so I'm just pounding these links up the middle like a Mike Singletary playbook. No muss, no fuss, no frills. That's not true. I'll try to make it as fancy as I can with the limited time. Lot's of links guys, lot's of 'em.

So, everyone and their Aunt Trudy thinks we're going to draft a guard, the only question is when. Bay Area Sports Guy comes with a great breakdown of the guards in the draft, what round/s they are projected for and all the charts you could want. Plus they detail what kind of guard Trent Baalke likes. Didn't know he had a type. | What kind of guard for Baalke. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Here is a few points from Trent Baalke. Trust your instinct, as your opinion after 5 minutes is usually more valuable than your drawn out, over-thought opinion. He applies this to prospects in the draft. He also has a hunch on who will be around at #30, and who the Niners would like to pick there, but he's not telling. This among other insights into the mind of Baalke. | Baalke shares some thoughts on draft, team. (Barrows)

Here's some of the highlights from the Trent Baalke press conference yesterday. He shares thoughts on Randy Moss, competition, and the schedule. | Baalke shares some thoughts. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Harbaugh told Randy Moss not to come to the opening of the voluntary workout period. He'll arrive April 30th, as they had arranged previously. Moss would be better served spending time with his family, thinks Harbaugh. | Moss to arrive April 30th. (Barrows)

Matt Barrows has compiled a list of the players attending the local pro day. | List of players at local pro day. (Barrows)

Josh Johnson gives Alex Smith the nod as the starting QB. He says it's obvious who the starter is coming into the season. He also notes that throwing to Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker is like throwing to a wide receiver. He notes he may need to get used to it. | Johnson says Smith is the starter. (Barrows)

Baalke also states that there is no animosity felt toward Gregg Williams. I would expect him to say nothing less. Now if one of our guys had been hurt, or perhaps we lost the slugfest, we may all be singing a different tune. | No animosity toward Williams. (Barrows)

Baalke divulges a bit more on who the Niners want at #30. He is pretty confident that the guy will be there, which makes one think it's another sleeper pick. How does he feel about last years first rounder? Funny you should ask. He notes that everyone, even him, were surprised at Aldon Smith's production last year. | Baalke on options at #30. (SFGate)

Here is a complete transcript of the Trent Baalke press conference. | Baalke complete transcript. (Mercury News)

Chilo Rachal has signed with the Chicago Bears on a one-year contract. Terms were not available. Don't think anyone around here had any hopes of him returning, nor much desire for it. | Rachal signs with Bears. (Barrows)

OK, everyone can breath deeply now. Patrick Willis has been eliminated from the Madden Curse competition that's been going around. Cam Newton in the final vs. Calvin Johnson. There, now we can all stop acting like superstitious babies. | Willis spared from Madden's Curse. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Here's a good write up about the local pro day from the official website of the 49ers. Fleener showed up during a break in classes, but didn't participate. Just having a look at his future coaches? | 49ers pro day round up. (

Don Banks has his latest mock draft out. We pick Coby Fleener. No real surprises in this one. Banks usually throws one in there, so maybe he's saving it for the final mock. | Niners draft Fleener in latest SI mock. (

Here's another mock draft that has us taking one of the usual suspects. This time it's Stephen Hill. | Another mock draft. (National Football Post)

The NFL's new unruly fan policy is precisely what the 49ers and Raiders fans needed. After having our annual preseason game cancelled due to violence, it's long time the league put together a cohesive plan, and they have. | Fan conduct policy good for 49ers. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Here's an article about all the workings of the stadium deal. Construction is beginning! We're on our way. | How the 49ers became Santa Clara's team. (Mercury News)

Here's part 3 of the Jed York interview about the new stadium in Santa Clara. He tells you what to expect from the new home. | Part 3 of Jed York stadium interview. (Mercury News)

Jim Harbaugh met with the media after the local pro day and discussed a variety of topics. Cam Inman has been kind enough to transcribe the interview (or have an underling do it for him). | Transcript from Harbaugh interview. (Mercury News)

Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham are settling in with their new team. Manningham says that the 49ers do things different in a good way. Jacobs says that people told him, "your big!". | Ex-Giants settling in with new team. (Mercury News)

If you read yesterday's Nuggets, you'll have noticed that Mike Sando did a lot of thinking about the schedule. Well, he's gone even deeper and given 'a deeper look'. An interesting point is preparation time differences. So, if we have an extra day over an opponent due to them having played Monday nights the previous week (one example) then we have the edge. We have the edge 4 different time during the year, and 0 deficits. Hmm... | Deeper look at schedule. (Sando)

Here are some reactions to some of todays player interviews from SF Gate. Brandon Jacobs and Josh Johnson have a few things to say. | Reactions to player interviews. (SFGate)

Jim Harbaugh has said Alex Boone will be a candidate to start at right guard. This is the first time Harbaugh has endorsed the idea, though we'd heard plenty of speculation. | Harbaugh says Boone could be RG. (SFGate)

49 in 49: Marshall DE Vinny Curry. (

A list of the top-ten pass catchers available in the draft. Fleener is at the top, Blackmon is at the bottom and I don't think it's a reverse order sort of thing. Hmmm... | Top ten pass receivers in draft. (Cohn)

The 49ers are expecting another draft bonanza. Last years class looks like a class act, and we want a repeat. | 49ers expecting a draft bonanza. (

49ers are considering staying at Youngstown again this year in between their two games at the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets. He says the players will vote on it. Last years, as we all know was a rousing success. | 49ers consider staying in Youngstown again. (

The 49ers are selling PSL (personal seat licenses) for 1000 seats at their new stadium. How much do they cost? Why, only a paltry $80,000!!! What the hell...that was an Al Davis idea, wasn't it? I guess, if they want $80k donations from the richer members of our fan base, and someone wants to give it to them...all the better. | 49ers selling PSLs to new stadium. (NBC Sports)

Kyle Williams faces some tough competition for his roster spot this year. (Maiocco)

Marquee match-ups, primetime game after primetime game after marquee match-up. The 49ers matter! | 49ers on the radar again. (NBC Sports)

The state of the 49ers according to | State of the team. (

So, as you can see, the comments start to peter out toward the end. Sorry guys, but as Australia's most famous bearded, bucket-headed bandit said, "Such is Life." If you don't know the story, look it up. That's you're homework for tonight. I'll be back on this weekend.

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