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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith Is A Pretty Cool Guy

Let me just say that I'm a little disappointed in every single one of you. We get a new guy - fresh not only to writing on the front page, but commenting in general, and not a single one of you tried to haze him in any way? I'm just happy someone did, in fact, warn him (not sure which mod, but good stuff whoever it was) so that's a plus. He's a rookie, and not one of you covered him in shaving cream, make him sing in public or even snapped a towel at his ass. What's wrong with you people? This place is changing so much. So very much. But really, I hope you like what he brought to the table, because it's gonna help me out a lot.

But anyway, onto the pertinent 49ers news, of which I'm not privy to, since I was out watching The Hunger Games, which turned out to be a pleasant experience. So I'll discover whatever happened while I was away as I put together the linkage. As always, post up something in the comments if I happened to have missed it. Be mean about it, if you'd like. Off we go.

Bay Area Sports Guy brings up a great point when talking about Larry Grant and one reason he's not getting a ton of interest around the league. It does make sense to think that Grant may have just had some lightning in a bottle and had a ton of help from, you know, the other 10 players on the best defense in the NFL. (BA Sports Guy)

I'm really not sure how much room there is on the 49ers roster for a running back ... it doesn't make sense to add another player unless he's going to be the successor to Frank Gore. Does Robert Turbin of Utah State fit that bill? (Branch)

Alex Smith is a pretty cool guy, eh throws footballs, searches for missing teenagers and doesn't afraid of anything. (Inman)

I would love it if Super Bowl L could be in Santa Clara. Would you sell everything you have to go to it? I totally would. Everything. Even the girlie's things. Hopefully she doesn't read this. (

I know this is old news by now, but I just wanted to say that the new rules made specifically for Jim Harbaugh (or new "guidelines") is totally awesome. I love that our coach comes in and breaks the NFL. Good job. (Inman)

Oh my goodness. It's like New Era bought some cheap Chinese knockoffs from a shady website and then called that their new lineup of hats. Seriously, those 49ers hats look cheap. So very cheap. I honestly think they're among the worst hats I've ever seen. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Cornhusker to coach: 49ers Tom Rathman thankful for his good luck (

49 in 49: TE Dwayne Allen (

Being a Sheep

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