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2012 NFL Mock Draft Database: Any First Round Sleepers To Consider?

I updated the Niners Nation 49ers mock draft database yesterday, and the favorites remained in place with Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill occupying 13 of the 30 mock drafts. Yesterday we discussed the new inclusion of Nick Perry in the mocks. I am less inclined to think the team spends a first round pick on an outside linebacker. Given the potential long term viability of Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith, while the team could use some young depth, I don't think they will necessarily go first round talent there.

Nonetheless, there are always sleeper candidates in the first round. In the mock draft database, we saw that in the guys mentioned once or twice. There were five cornerback picks, but that's another one I just don't see happening. I suppose you can never have enough good cornerbacks, but consider me a little skeptical.

In related news, the SB Nation NFL blogger mock draft rolls along, with 14 picks posted through this past Friday. I'll be getting a pick figured out in the next couple days and then it will be posted on Friday. I won't give away exactly who is going where, but I'll figure out some ways to get your input without giving away the farm. I will say this much: 25 picks have been submitted for publication (three picks posted per day Monday through Friday), and Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill remain on the board. I think at least one, if not both, goes by the time I pick for the 49ers, but you never can tell.

Are there any particular sleepers worth considering with that No. 30 pick?