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2012 NFL Free Agency: Reviewing the St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams have a very interesting future ahead of them. They are in that weird position in which they have needs pretty much all over the roster. To be frank, there isn't a spot on the roster where they couldn't try to shore something up.

I mean, part of this isn't strictly true. Obviously a team with Steven Jackson on it doesn't have a huge need at RB in the short term. And the Rams' FO is (correctly, I think) committed to Sam Bradford as the QB of the future. But here's the thing about the Rams' good positions: they are pretty shallow. Steven Jackson is not going to run with such ferocity forever, and Bradford, as last season demonstrated, is an injury away from watching his team tank.

But the greater needs for the Rams lie elsewhere (again, read: everywhere). Their offensive line is a total train wreck. The Front Office brought in center Scott Wells to do some heavy lifting, and the Rams still need to figure out what they are doing with Jason Smith at RT. To aid in the offense, the Rams picked up WR Steve Smith, though to be honest, I think Rams fans should find this a little lacking on the receiving end. Their greatest need is clearly at WR and they did little to ensure success next year at that position.

Defensively, the Rams made a couple of nice moves by bringing in CB Cortland Finnegan and DT Kendall Langford. If these signings work out, they should help the Rams where they really hurt, defending the pass (though defending against the run game is a very close second).

Overall, their FA moves haven't been too stellar. That being said, Rams fans should be excited about the next few years' drafts. By moving down to the six spot, the Rams brought in a serious haul - as a 49ers fan, I'm a touch frightened about the type of players they could bring in the next few years. I would look for the Rams to do much of this year's heavy lifting via the draft.