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49ers New Stadium Groundbreaking Scheduled For April 19

The San Francisco 49ers have made it official: the team will conduct a Santa Clara groundbreaking ceremony for their new stadium on Thursday, April 19. After some lockout-related financial delays, the financing plan came together fast enough to get the stadium started sooner rather than later. Construction work had already begun on make-ready work at and around the site, but April 19 will mark the official shovel in the ground for the stadium.

There were some modest legal delays related to the financing plan, but the court threw dismissed the case, putting the stadium back on track. In getting the stadium started this month, the 49ers should be in sufficient position to start playing their in 2014. If that works out, there is a decent chance they could be hosting Super Bowl L following the 2015 season. A new LA stadium would have been the primary competitor, but pending any news, it is unlikely that a stadium will be completed with a team by then.

Due to the various current construction going on, the ground-breaking will be invite only. We'll work to get some pictures together from the event. I won't be attending (naturally it happens a month after I leave town), but they should have plenty of publicity shots.