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2012 NFL Draft Profiles: Greg Childs - WR - Arkansas

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I thought I'd start looking at some guys who would be available in the mid-to-late portions of the draft, now that we've talked about a few options for the first and second rounds. We may come back to the "top" prospects again, but this way we have a big picture of the draft as well.

Grant (GrantMP1) and I have participated in quite a few mocks this year and have also discussed many prospects. One we like a lot for value is Greg Childs. He was talked about as a potential first-round pick before a torn patellar tendon and a slow return from said injury hurt his stock dramatically. As of now he looks to be fully healthy and able to perform all of the duties of a wide receiver.

Childs participated in the combine and his pro-day, showing improvement from one to the other. He was impressive in position drills and there's no reason to believe his medical wont check out fully at this point. Of course, the team will do their due-diligence to determine that...but we're working off of that assumption.

When healthy Childs was a beast: a big-bodied receiver with a huge wingspan and excellent body-control. He's not a burner from a speed perspective but his strength and physicality allows him to beat press coverage initially and his ball skills mean he can come down with the catch even when contested. He'd be an instant help in the red-zone.

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Click here for NFP's full scouting report. Here are some excerpts:

A tall, long armed wide receiver prospect with a big wingspan and good body control when asked to adjust to the catch.

Makes most of his big plays adjusting to the throw and simply high pointing the throw, as his ball skills, body control and coordination are all very good.

Is a better route runner than given credit for, especially in the three-step game. Does a nice job when lined up off the line slow playing his route, selling the fake with an outside jab/shoulder fake and accelerating through the inward breaking routes. Uses his big body to box out defenders and has a tremendous area to throw at when asked to go get the football.

Is an above-average blocker on the outside as well and is willing. Not overly physical, but his long arms and big frame allow him to initially stick to defenders through contact. Does a better job creating yards after the catch than you would think for a bigger wide out, consistently attacks throws and runs through them, allowing him to gain momentum into the catch out initially break a tackle and/or outrun his defender. A natural plucker off the football who extends his long arms and can make some tremendous catches off his frame.

It's anybody's guess where Childs will go, but if you put any stock whatsoever in mock drafts, indications are that it will be somewhere between the third and fifth rounds...a steal for someone with his skills and size. The team already has smaller, speedy receivers. Braylon Edwards didn't pan-out and I'm betting Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh are still looking for a big guy for those bail-out situations when the QB has nowhere to go with the football.