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Caption This: Rex Ryan's Hand Wringing

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

In the midst of an otherwise slow week (raise your hands if you really want to caption a photo of Tebow at a Yankees game--yeah, easy target, but yeeeeesh), Rex Ryan was good enough to permit photographers to catch him looking deeply uncomfortable. He has saved us!

I, for one, love the inner monologue possibilities that accompany this photo. What could Rex Ryan be thinking here? He could be thinking anything! What is he watching? He could be watching anything!

"You know, they call it football, but you never see any actual feet. I wonder why that is..."

"Do I really need to sit here and watch this Mark Sanchez highlight reel? Well, at least it's not going to take very long..."

"I wonder how mad Michelle will be if I sneak off for a hot dog or two. Ah, never mind. Never stopped me before. God, I'm hungry."

The possibilities are endless!

Have fun with this one. Give us your best captions down in the comments section, and rec' any captions that give you a laugh. Last week, I made out with the most recs. Don't let that happen again!