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Golden Nuggets: Groundbreaking in Santa Clara, Guessing who Baalke's 'crush' is.

Back by popular demand, after a zero day's Aaron!

So we broke ground on the new stadium yesterday. By we I mean, me...that's right, I flew to the Bay, didn't even visit my mother, put a shovel in the ground and flew back to Oz in time to write the Nuggets. There's also a lot of posturing around the picks happening lately. However, the first domino has fallen as the Colts announced / leaked / were snitched on that they will take Andrew Luck. That means the Redskins will take Robert Griffin III. That means the real mystery begins at #3. Who will the Vikings pick? And thus begins the most hypothetically, absurdly, outlandish prediction-filled week in the world of sports. Get your ear muffs ready people, your ears are about to bleed.

On to the links

Here is an article on which WRs the 49ers may be looking at. Baalke has a thing for small, quick receivers. This guys has charts to back it up. This is cut from the same cloth as yesterday's guard article. Good stuff. | What WRs Baalke may be looking at. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Here's an article with a few ideas about who the 49ers are targeting at #30. Two CBs are on the radar, both of them versatile, which, as Lam notes, is what GM Trent Baalke likes. One of them has experience at punt returner. | Two CBs the 49ers may be targeting. (Lam)

Matt Barrows has an idea about who the mystery prospect is that Trent Baalke has in mind. West Virginia's pass rusher Bruce Irvin is the man. Hard to envision they would do the same thing two years in a row. But I'll guess Barrows pays better attention than me. This link has some video highlights imbedded. | Bruce Irvin as mystery prospect. (Barrows)

Here's a video of Matt Maiocco discussing the 49ers options at #30. Coby Fleener's name pops up and the hole at RG features prominently in the conversation. | Maiocco on 49ers options at #30. (Maiocco)

Here is Mike Sando's NFC West chat wrap-up. He answers some questions from the fans. He thinks the Niners should be able to get a guard in the later rounds and thinks Fleener would be great if he's still there at #30. This is long people, so maybe you want to skim for the Niners info. | Sando NFC West chat. (Sando)

Mike Mayock's got some thoughts on what the 49ers might do at #30. Stephen Hill, Amini Silatolu, and Kevin Zeitler are three options that could be available at our spot, and fill a need. | Mayock on the 49ers draft options. (Mercury News)

Don't write off Kyle Williams just yet. He's got some skills at the wide receiver position. We need depth there. He's a confident young man and the FO has stated he'll be given the chance to compete. Without his playoff errors he'd be a lock for a spot. | Don't write off Kyle Williams. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Here's a good story on why the Jim Harbaugh hates the scheduling czar, I didn't know the Romanov's put together the League's agenda... One interesting tidbit is that there are 824 trillion game combinations. Makes me want to cut them some slack. | Harbaugh hates schedule czar. (SFGate)

Harbaugh is still crazy (remember, Vernon Davis said it earlier?). He calls the start of the offseason workout program the New Year, refers to the new stadium as the cathedral of football, and, don't forget, said he couldn't wait to smell the players breath last year. | Harbaugh's calendar a bit different to ours. (SFGate)

Here's an article on yesterday's ground breaking at the new stadium sight. There was a big celebration and they even put a banner of Patrick Willis up with the other legends. | Breaking ground at the new stadium sight. (

Here are some more notes on the groundbreaking from Cam Inman. Joe Staley will be sad to leave Candlestick, and Vernon Davis said, "there's never been a better time to be a Niner." | Notes from groundbreaking. (Mercury News)

Technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. That's the idea behind the new stadium in Santa Clara. Fits in with the 'vibe' of Silicon Valley. Jed York wants it to be an iconic stadium. | Environmentally conscious stadium under way. (Barrows)

Here's the official website's groundbreaking story, complete with a timeline of events up to now. | More groundbreaking news. (

Jim Harbaugh refers to the practice ground as a 'football oasis in a construction zone'. Centennial Boulevard no longer exists, even if the stationary still has it as our headquarters. | Harbaugh's oasis. (CSN Bay Area)

Owner Jed York gave a twenty minute interview to KNBR yesterday and, to be honest, I'm not gonna listen to it. Don't have time, still don't feel great. Here is the link for the audio. Hope you super nerds get something out of it. Maybe someone can summarize it in a comment. I think one of the best things we have going is our honesty. | Jed York on KNBR. (

Here are 18 minutes of video from the groundbreaking ceremony featuring Jed York and other dignitaries. What happens? See the above paragraph. | Video from groundbreaking, part 1. (NBC Bay Area)

The only thing I know about this second part to the video is the caption says, 'Jed York speaks...', but the image is of a woman with a red hat. Hmmm... | Video from groundbreaking, part 2. (NBC Bay Area)

Now that Patrick Willis has definitely avoided the Madden Curse (breathe deep, exhale) we can all get back to our lives and obsessing over the draft. What does Willis think of the curse? | Willis' thought on Madden Curse. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

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