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Golden Nuggets: The Calm Before The Draft

Good morning to all of you, and thanks to Aaron for filling in yesterday, a day in which he's usually not on the Golden Nuggets. There wasn't a ton of links and, unfortunately, that's how it's looking today as well. Things are slowing to a crawl even though the draft is right around the corner. That's par the course though, and I'm actually flipping out a lot. I actually went and played a little bit of Madden NFL 12 for the first time in awhile, before the 49ers draft somebody I fall in love with and then cannot play until I get to use that player on the next Madden.

Yeah, I'm a shill who would buy the new game even if it was only a roster update - but fortunately since the abomination that was Madden 09, it's gotten better each time since. At any rate, let's get to the linkage for the day, though I'm just going to touch on 'em briefly.

It really would be a shame to see Delanie Walker go, as he's been a great backup in San Francisco, but if the team does indeed draft Coby Fleener (something I doubt more and more every day), I don't see Walker sticking around, especially after 2012. And that's not just because we'll all have died in the end of days. | 49ers Mailbag: What happens to Walker if Fleener is added? (Maiocco)

How about we take a look at the 46-man roster ... which is to say, the players who will be active on gameday. Methinks Randy Moss will not be on that list, given that he's a turd. OK, that wasn't very nice, but I expect no production out of him this year. I like the inclusion of Nate Byham - I think he's got some solid potential. | Draft picks face challenges to crack into 49ers' top 46 (Maiocco)

If you happened to miss it, our own Tre9er had a great piece on Kyle Williams and how it's absurd to write him off at this point. I agree with him wholeheartedly - this fanbase started to get pretty excited about Williams as a receiver before Williams the return man crushed all of our hopes and dreams. | 49ers Depth at Wide Receiver: Don't Write-Off Kyle Williams So Easily (Tre9er)

I've got mixed emotions regarding Patrick Willis and the fact that he didn't make the cover of Madden NFL 13. I'm happy because I'm a firm believe in the curse, but the man still deserves the honor of being on the cover like no other. Defensive players always get the shaft. | Madden Curse? Patrick Willis scoffs at your Madden Curse (BA Sports Guy)

Hey cool, the 49ers are going green, to an extent, with their new stadium. They've got some plant doo-hickeys on the roof that I don't quite understand because I've erased the portions of my brain that have nothing to do with music, sports, lovemakin' and beer. As an aside, Bee-rows spells "conscious" incorrectly in his headline, and I'd like to note that it's a word I've always struggled with. Not sure why. I'm sure everybody has "those" words. | Red, gold and ... green? 49ers break ground on enviro conscious stadium (Barrows)

Did you happen to catch the video of Vernon Davis' "epic" high five? I put "epic" in quotes because that word is ridiculously overused at this point, though I suppose it's apt, given the SB Nation intern's reactions. | 49ers' Vernon Davis Gives An Epic High Five [Video] (SB Nation Bay Area)

Sam Lam had some opinions on who the player could be that Trent Baalke is targeting at pick No. 30. I'm not sure I agree, but it's worth noting, no? What do you think?| Who could 49ers GM Trent Baalke be targeting with the 30th overall pick? (Lam)

49 in 49: RB Doug Martin (

SF native Seifert relishes 49ers' good fortunes (Maiocco)

Sights and sounds from the 49ers' groundbreaking ceremony (Inman)

Santa Clara shovels begin end of 49ers in S.F. (Knapp)

Reviewing first week of offseason program; groundbreaking leftovers (Inman)

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