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2012 NFL Free Agency: Reviewing the New York Jets

I don't think anybody should be surprised when I say that the Jets need to bring in a WR or two. Pretty much most everybody seems to think that QB Mark Sanchez is still the guy going forward, and under this assumption, the Jets are going to want to provide him with as many weapons as possible. Even if they have a few guys already in place, he could still use some help.

Of course, we don't know what the plans are for the Jets, especially regarding Sanchez. From what I understand, there are potentially some pieces in place for a good ol' quarterback controversy. But, hey, the Jets right now seem content with letting us think that Sanchez is the man under center.

With Plaxico Burress gone, the Jets have signed WR Chaz Schilens. From what I know by, you know, being in Northern California, the guy is not as productive as the Jets would probably hope for. Moreover, WR Santonio Holmes, while by no means a shabby player, has not put up the sorts of numbers the Jets would like.

Now, how much is that Holmes and how much is that Sanchez? Regardless, I don't think the Jets have another in-house option who could make Holmes look that much better. Nor does it sound like the Jets are thinking that Sanchez is going to get supplemented.

The Jets should probably also look toward safety. S Jim Leonhard has left in Free Agency, and the Jets brought in LaRon Landry. That said, Landry is coming off a pretty big injury, and a little depth sure doesn't hurt - especially in a division which features Tom Brady.

Man, I feel like the Jets made a move for another player this offseason. Some sort of big trade or something. Oh well. Must not be important.