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2012 NFL Draft Trades: Movin' On Up?

On Friday evening, user nickbradley put together a FanPost looking at a scenario where the 49ers trade their first and second round picks this year and their 2013 first round pick to move up to number nine or ten to draft running back Trent Richardson.

While I disagree with the idea of moving up to draft a running back, the idea of a trade does remain an interesting possibility. The 49ers have a deep enough roster where packaging some of their picks to move up in a given round makes a certain amount of sense. The 49ers moved up twice in last year's draft. In the second round they moved up to draft QB Colin Kaepernick. In the fifth round they moved up to draft OL Daniel Kilgore.

Trent Baalke made a comment earlier this week about their being a particular player they think will be at No. 30 for the 49ers to select. Whether or not the comment is entirely BS, it does not preclude the 49ers from also having a player they like even more that they do not expect to be there at 30, but could be available via trade. If a certain player slides down out of the Top 15, maybe the 49ers are prepared to pull the trigger on a deal. They have proven they will bide their time and not overpay, so a deal may not happen.

If you were in Trent Baalke's shoes, what guy would be worth a realistic move up in the first round? This is not a chance to say you'd trade up for Andrew Luck or something like that. Rather, what realistic possibilities are out there that you think the 49ers should jump on? For me, if a guy like David DeCastro somehow slips down, I'd be intrigued. At the same time, I don't know if I'd pull the trigger if I think Kevin Zeitler can be had at No. 30.

Who would get you movin' on up next week?