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Golden Nuggets: Gore missing workouts, few needs in the draft

Hello people. Just a lazy Sunday for me here in Oz. I hope it works out the same for you. Speaking of work-outs (seamless segue), it appears the Frank Gore is missing the teams voluntary ones and Coach Harbaugh is OK with it. I'm OK with it. There's a growing list of players who are absent and the FO has excused them so they can be with their family. Dashon Goldson is the only one who is being naughty and skipping without permission.

Other than that, the only thing on the table for discussion is the draft, which is as it should be. We still don't have any idea who will be our guy. Probably won't until the timer has nearly run out on our pick. And, while it's a bit maddening when you're trying to mock this thing out or get some idea of the team next year, it's for the best and, "In Haarbalke we trust." I think that should be the motto around here, don't you? A how about some links.

What a difference a year makes. I couldn't agree more. Looking at the 49ers draft needs going into last years draft, most experts would have said...everything. Now, with mostly the same players in place and a 13-3 season behind us, our needs are....not much. Who do we draft? | 49ers have few draft needs. (Press Democrat)

Here's a good article on what type of tight end GM Trent Baalke likes. He has a tendency toward blocking tight ends. I wonder how much of this has to do with Baalke's fetishes or more to do with the fact that we have a beast of a running back, and we want to block for him. | Who Baalke might like at TE. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Matt Barrows thinks that Amini Silatolu might be in the mix for us at #30. There have been many players who project to our slot in the first round and may be around. Silatolu, however, is the only one who also fills a need for a starter. Could be an instance where talent meets need. | Silatolu may be our guy. (Barrows)

Peter Schrager's latest mock is a doozy. 3 rounds is no easy task. He's pegged us to take Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill, Nebraska CB Alfonzo Dennard, and Michigan C/G David Molk. I would like this more if Dennard didn't just punch a cop in the face on the weekend. I have to think the mock came before the sock (I'm chuckling) | 3 round mock with Niners taking Hill. (Fox Sports)

Brian Billick has draft needs for each team in the NFC West. Ours are the usual that you've heard about a thousand times by now. He gives a good summary of the free agency period, what holes that cleared up, and who may be available for us in the first two rounds. | Billick on NFC West draft needs.

Peter King's latest mock draft has us picking...surprise, surprise, Coby Fleener. I'm hocking all my old 49ers gear on e-bay to get the money to by a Fleener jersey. I like this mock because it has who he thinks we will draft, and who we should draft out of who would be available, as well as links to 'one-minute drills' on each teams needs. | Peter King mock with us taking Fleener. (

Here's the video from Peter King's previously mentioned 'one-minute drill'. He notes that we still have a need at WR, could take TE, but also that Baalke is a 'traditionalist' and if anyone we have rated highly starts to slide, we may snag them, regardless of need. | King on 49ers draft needs. (

A good piece that shows what it's like to wrong a Harbaugh. After last years schedule, Jim Harbaugh expressed his displeasure with the League's guru, Howard Katz. Brother John set up a meeting between the two at the league meetings in Florida. It went on sporadically for 3 days. "I don't hate you quite as much," was what Harbaugh told Katz at the end of it all. | Schedule more favorable after meeting with scheduler. (SFGate)

Stakes are rising in the stadium building game. This article details how finances in the sports world have gotten crazier and crazier as well as the interesting negotiations to get George Seifert to succeed Bill Walsh. | Stadium prices are spiralling. (SFGate)

This link has some of the highlights from coach Harbaugh's conversation on KNBR. Perception and reality are two different things, claims the coach, and don't you tell him otherwise. | Harbaugh on KNBR. (SFGate)

Matt Maiocco's mailbag answers two key questions. Should we trade up to get a receiver? Who will most likely be our backup quarterback? I'll let you click to find out. | Matt Maiocco's mailbag. (Maiocco)

Patrick Willis, in a video taken at the groundbreaking, states that the best thing about the new stadium is that, "We get to start our own legacy." Well said. He also talks about the Super Bowl bids. | Video of Willis at groundbreaking. (CSN Bay Area)

First Randy Moss and now Frank Gore. Gore is going to miss the teams voluntary workouts. David Akers and Jonathan Goodwin are also missing the workouts due to family commitments. | Gore to miss workouts. (

Harbaugh's attitude toward these voluntary workouts may help attract veteran free agents. As long as we're successful then these early workouts will remain voluntary. Coach knows that the real work begins in training camp. | Harbaugh's attitude to workouts may attract FAs. (NBC Sports)

Safe predictable pick: right guard. Should we do that? No way! The pick should be Coby Fleener. Why, you might ask? Because the 49ers need more impact players on offense, and barring someone slipping down to them, Fleener will be the guy for us at #30. | Draft Fleener! (Cohn)

49 in 49: Notre Dame S Harrison Smith. (

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