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2012 NFL Draft TV Coverage: ESPN Or NFL Network?

The 2012 NFL Draft is only a few days and one important question remains: on which network will you get your coverage? Are you a Rich Eisen, Mike Mayock NFL Network person? Or do you prefer the old standby in Chris Berman and his cab driver predictions on ESPN?

Richard Deitsch put together an interesting article over at in which he provides some thoughts on what we can expect to see on television during the 2012 NFL Draft. Deitsch has a second article that is pretty interesting as well as he gets a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the NFL Draft television production.

The first article interesting in the sense that he criticizes some folks, which is not something we see too frequently from mainstream media. There is often a sort of quid pro quo where media entities won't criticize the personalities of other media entities.

Personally I choose to watch NFL Network coverage. If they go to a commercial or someone mentions in the comments that ESPN is talking about the 49ers I might switch over, but for the most part, I don't really watch much of ESPN's draft coverage anymore. They have some knowledgeable people on ESPN, but they are side by side with people that drive me crazy.

The NFL Network isn't perfect, but Rich Eisen is the superior anchor, and I prefer Mike Mayock to Kiper and McShay. Add in a host of knowledgeable folks off the main set and it just strikes me as a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Does anybody still prefer ESPN to NFL Network for draft coverage?