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2012 NFL Draft: 49ers Could Very Well Select an Offensive Tackle

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With all of the talk about the seemingly one-and-only need, right guard, something is getting lost in the shuffle: Alex Boone being tried-out at that spot. I've been open about my feelings on Boone's ability, so to me I think he's practically a shoe-in to win the job if he's indeed being considered there and it's not just a smoke-screen.

From all of the recent tape of Boone (including him filling in for Joe Staley nearly an entire game vs. Arizona in December of 2011) is outstanding. I've re-watched that Cardinals game a few times and it's simply hard to find a single play where Boone made any egregious mistake. In fact, he didn't seem to have any trouble whatsoever with the array of rushers sent his way.

This leads me to believe that he can very easily handle the less-demanding RG spot and probably will win said job.

After the jump, let's take a look at the domino effect this will have on the line.

Boone is pretty much the only viable backup at both tackle positions. If he's the starting RG the team has two options: One is to move Kilgore to RG if there's an injury at either tackle spots and then move Boone to the appropriate tackle position. The other is to keep Boone at RG for continuity, and address the backup tackle position as a team need.

If the latter is the idea, the team could very well end up selecting a tackle in the upcoming NFL draft. This isn't something that's really been discussed but the more I think of it, it's a distinct possibility.

What about the idea of Stanford tackle Jonathin Martin sliding down within striking distance? There are certainly a few options and we should be prepared for the unexpected with Trent Baalke's track record of surprising the fan-base in the draft.