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Golden Nuggets: Don't Draft Based On ... Stanford!

I gotta say, I'm ridiculously excited for this draft, though I can't tell you why. I think it related to the recent post I had in regards to the fact that the 49ers aren't looking for a player to come in and immediately contribute, so there's essentially less that can go wrong. I'm not wondering how the 49ers will screw this up (unless they do something silly like draft a player specifically because he's from Stanford ... you know ... like Coby Fleener), but instead wondering how Trent Baalke will work his magic this time around.

At any rate, my internet is in and out so I'm just going to list the links today, apologies for the brevity. Enjoy the linkage, chillldren!

49ers will have to address offensive line within first three rounds of the draft (Lam)

Report: RB Jacobs requested police escort for high-speed caravan (Inman)

Mock Draft 2012: Greg Cosell's Mock Sends Peter Konz To The 49ers (SB Nation Bay Area)

Sapolu to announce 49ers' second-round pick (Maiocco)

49ers Q&A: Will the 49ers draft Coby Fleener in the first round? (Lam)

49ers NFL Draft preview: Baalke corners the market on size and speed (BA Sports Guy)

Arkansas hires coach with 49ers link: Alex Smith's uncle (Inman)

Mock mock. Who's there? A wideout at pick no. 30 (Barrows)

49ers' seven-round mock draft (Maiocco)

The case for Coby Fleener (BA Sports Guy)

In defense of Bill Walsh, Russ Francis hammers Manley one more time (Brown)

Being a Sheep

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