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Chilo Rachal Officially Signed With Chicago Bears, So ... What Now For 49ers Guard Position?

We didn't actually get a post on this yet, mostly because we were all too busy having a hearty laugh at the expense of the Chicago Bears. If you missed the news, the Bears made the signing of offensive guard Chilo Rachal official on Monday, and he has a solid chance to compete for a starting job. Our Bears blog, Windy City Gridiron, didn't report on the signing becoming official, but they did report when the two sides agreed to terms.

The best thing is that there's actually someone in that thread who is citing some stats as though Rachal is a great offensive linemen. Seriously, go look over the thread linked above - they're excited about it, and one user even suggests that they can now move on from wanting to draft David DeCastro. Now, being totally realistic, signing Rachal is not the worst thing in the world if you don't have anybody at the position, which the Bears don't.

Of course, that's aside from the fact that he doesn't fit their scheme at all and need a pass-blocking RG, which Chilo is not. And also, aside from the fact that the 49ers also have nobody else at the position and didn't re-sign him. Which brings up my question (this post isn't just to laugh at the Bears and the fact that Jay Cutler's knee's Twitter account is likely to see its resurgence this season): would you have preferred that the 49ers sign Rachal?

I mean, the guy was bad - really bad - but as it stands, the 49ers have Daniel Kilgore and not much else. It's possible that the lack of a full offseason set Kilgore back, but the guy still wasn't active at all last season. Alex Boone is a promising swing tackle, but I'm not sure he'll work out at guard, though I guess the "best five" approach is a decent one. In short, I am wondering if there's even a little bit of remorse at seeing Rachal go, given the situation at right guard as it sits.