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Robert Griffin III Hits On An Interesting Topic

Last night, EA Sports held a release party for NCAA Football 13 in New York City. Robert Griffin III is sharing the cover with Barry Sanders, and SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein had a chance to chat with a variety of people at the event. His most interesting interview (in my opinion) was a 4:35 sit-down with Robert Griffin III.

RG3 is an incredibly articulate individual, but more importantly, he actually gave some interesting answers to questions that might otherwise elicit fairly basic cliches. He addressed how he handles his critics, who he plays with when he is not using Baylor in video games, and whether or not Jon Gruden ever blinks.

One of the more interesting topics came up when Dan asked RG3 about how he thinks he will be utilized in the NFL. He mentioned how the NFL works in cycles and discussed the way teams spread out the offense. More importantly, he referenced how this conceivably leads to teams working back towards more of a rushing attack. Teams might look to more athletic defensive players to deal with these spread out offenses, which could conceivably lead to strong rushing attacks have an advantage.

The 49ers went a bit against the grain last season with their relatively conservative offense. We could see it open up more with a first full offseason with the coaching staff, but given that several people think the 49ers add another running back this week, the 49ers won't be abandoning the running game anytime soon.