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2012 NFL Draft Prediction Competitions: It's On...

The 2012 NFL Draft is a day away, which means it is time for us to finalize all predictions. We've got a couple opportunities for people to talk some smack and try to prove they are smarter than everybody else. Or at least a hell of a lot more lucky.

Earlier this week I created a FanPost for any and all predictions related to the draft. This is primarily focused on specific players and where they might rise or fall, but you can predict how many players from a school will go in the first round, how many trades there will be and how many of a given position will go in a round. It is just a way to memorialize the predictions everybody has made at some point or another and something we can look back on after the draft.

However, we will also have a place to make predictions for just the first round. We've got a group set up at the "Predict The Pick" thanks to grantmp. All it requires is picking the 32 picks of the first round. It is not an easy task, but the process is fairly simple. I'm going to come up with a prize for the winner, so make sure and register. When you go over there, you need to create an NFL ID. Then, join the league Niners Nation (password: Niners2012). Name your entry after your NN user name so we can keep things straight.

Finally, Danny Kelly from Field Gulls set up a competition that involves ranking the top 20 prospects and getting points based on which of the top 20 will be drafted. The winner will get a chance to represent their team in a mock draft next year.