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Alex Smith Cleaning Up Mechanics This Offseason

The San Francisco 49ers have done a solid job this offseason of getting players to conduct live chats on Earlier today, Alex Smith took an hour to chat with 49ers fans about everything from his celebrations to what they (the fan) should have for dinner to Smith's resemblance to Ryan Gosling. As to that last question, it appears that Smith has seen his fair share of Ryan Gosling movies. Judge however you would like.

There was one particularly interesting response I wanted to pull out. Smith was asked what he was doing to prepare for the upcoming season. It turns out he was down in LA for a stretch working on his mechanics:

Alex Smith: A couple things. I saw a mechanics guru, or specialist down in LA. I went there to kind of clean some things up with my motion. I'm really focused on getting my fundamentals better. Really didn't have time last offseason to do it.

For those that don't remember, Alex and his wife welcome their first child. It is safe to say that was keeping him just a little bit busy in between Camp Alex appearances. It will be interesting to see what kind of adjustments he makes heading into 2012. I'll try and find some pictures from 2011 that we can compare to 2012 once the season gets going.