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Golden Nuggets: Amini Silatolu, Coby Fleener, Stephen Hill...Who Will It Be?

Happy Draft Day everybody. The day that gives hope and hype to the 31 teams that didn't win the Super Bowl is upon us. Let the madness begin. I haven't even looked at the days news yet. I've just run in from work, grabbed a snack and started writing the intro. I can probably write the headline without even reading it. 49ers to draft... (fill in the blank). It's gonna be a ridiculous couple of days.

There. I've read the news and I was right! Draft, draft, draft. So, who are we going to pick in this years draft? Anyone have any guesses? I'm going with Amini Silatolu. I am an easily swayed individual and any 'expert' can make me commit murder, or change my mock, depending on their intentions and level of evil. Who do you think? I want some lively discussion in the's one of those kind of days people. GO!!!!

Tim Kawakami thinks that Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill looks like the 49ers kind of guy. The evidence ranges from Hill's skill set to the fact that he won't have to change helmet color. The 2nd part is a joke, but the article makes some good points. I'm intrigued by the idea of adding such a dynamic playmaker who won't have to contribute straight away. I think most teams are. | Hill for the 49ers. (Mercury News)

Here's a discussion on how many TDs Randy Moss is going to score between Samuel Lam and our very own, Dylan DeSimone. I think having him as an extra red zone threat will open it up for others. It's a cumulative effect. The more you have, the more likely one has a favorable matchup. 10 is the over/under for the argument. | How many TDs for Randy Moss? (Lam)

The 49ers are looking for contributors, not game-changers. Look for the 49ers to go for the best player available. There are a few holes to fill, and we will. | Contributors, not game-changers. (Bay Area SB Nation)

What kind of pass rusher does GM Trent Baalke like? Well BASG has a story for you. It might not be the most pressing need, but as he notes, we are one injury away from having a weak pass rush. You can never have too many guys who can get the QB. | What kind of pass rusher does Baalke like? (Bay Area Sports Guy)

The Sacramento Bee (my childhood paper) is at it again, putting in some overtime, and thus, making me do the same. A string of articles coming your way. An article by Matt Barrows details the past failings of 49ers coaches when they try their hand at drafting. | Coaches have failed at drafting in the past for the 49ers. (Barrows)

Barrows gives his first round mock. We're selecting G Amini Silatolu, whose name I couldn't even spell correctly up until embarrassingly recently. I like the idea of Mike Iupati and Silatolu blasting defenders into the stratosphere and we are a running team, but is Harbaugh going to eventually fashion an aerial-based offense? | Barrows mock draft. (Barrows)

Recent 3rd round draft picks have been a success. Frank Gore, Adam Snyder, NaVorro Bowman, and Ray McDonald were all starters on the team, and do I even need to tell you what round they were drafted in? | 3rd round has had recent success. (Barrows)

Matt Barrows answers questions from fans. Why not pick Coby Fleener? Who's better, Silatolu or Kevin Zeitler? What about Janoris Jenkins? All good questions deserving good answers. | Barrows answers questions on the draft. (Barrows)

Don Banks final mock draft (we assume, but you never know around this time of the year) has us drafting Silatolu. I think Baalke's comment about the mystery prospect that will surely be available has everyone re-mocking and Silatolu is the prime beneficiary. | Banks' final mock. (

There's a draft and we have some needs. Cam Inman goes through them. G, WR, DL, S. He's got some ideas for who we may draft at all of those positions. | 49ers needs and possible solutions. (Mercury News)

Cam Inman gives a 7 round mock for the 49ers with a surprise 1st rounder. Alshon Jeffrey will be our guy. The rest of the draft fills out our needs that he's listed in the article above and he says we should not be surprised to see us trade around in the middle rounds as we jockey for position. | Inman 7 round 49er mock. (Mercury News)

Maiacco's mock draft has us taking Amini Silatolu at #30. There's also a surprise selection for the Minnesota Vikings at #3. Who is it? Find out. | Maiocco 1st round mock. (Maiocco)

CSN Bay Area has another mock draft up, this one in gallery form. I previously mentioned I'm a sucker for galleries, but not when I'm trying to blast through 100 articles about the same topic and the 49ers draft 30th! Sheesh!!! OK, there it is. We draft Coby Fleener. | Mock draft gallery with 49ers drafting Fleener. (CSN Bay Area)

Matt Maiacco thinks we should address the WR position after the first round. Trent Baalke has hinted that quality receivers can be found all over the draft, so this may hold true. | Draft a WR after the first round. (Maiacco)

Here's a video from Matt Maiacco. He asks if the 49ers will gamble with the pick at #30. Maybe Janoris Jenkins is on the plans? | Will Niners gamble at #30? Maiacco video. (Maiacco)

Mike Sando gives a lesson on the art of trading first rounders. He gives a little history of the teams in the NFC West and when they've done it in the past as well a explaining what it takes to move up from what slots. It's like being in Vegas baby! | Sando on trading first rounders. (Sando)

Mel Kiper's last mock has us taking Kevin Zeitler, G from Wisconsin. In his mock, Hill and Fleener are off the board and so we play it safe. Sando says we play it boring. Apparently he hasn't heard that we're taking Silatolu. | Mel Kiper has us taking Zeitler. (Sando)

Here's a story on the rise of Stephen Hill in the draft-stock world. It details how he has shot up so high, mainly due to his combine numbers. Beware of the combine stars. I can remember quite a few who just never pan out, having no feel for the game. | Why Stephen Hill has risen. (SFGate)

SFGate's mock of the 49ers draft has us taking Amini Silatolu with #30. We take a receiver in the 2nd and an RB in the 3rd. I'm still not sold on us taking an RB. | 7 round Niner mock. (SFGate)

An article on GM Trent Baalke, his success in his previous drafts, and how he is in total control of the situation. It's such a reassuring feeling to have faith that your GM is not going to bung things up year after year. | Baalke in charge. (Press Democrat)

A replay of the live chat with Alex Smith held yesterday on | Alex Smith chat. (

Rookie Reflections: Colin Kaepernick. (

Jim Schwartz must want his hand crush. Otherwise I can think of no reason why he would be looking forward to a rematch with the 49ers. | Schwartz ready for rematch. (

The draft is more art than science. That's what this headline claims. How did Bill Belichick manage to rook everyone out of draft picks, current year and future years, while restocking his team with fresh talent while the 49ers chose flop after flop after flop throughout the early part of this millennium? Maybe it's science and cheating. | Draft more art than science. (NBC Sports)

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