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NFL Considering Suspension Of Pro Bowl

The morning of the NFL Draft has brought some interesting and unrelated news from the league. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the NFL is considering suspending the Pro Bowl. No decision has been announced yet, but it sounds like something could happen sooner rather than later.

The Pro Bowl has always been a bit of a joke given how many players beg out of the game for one reason or another. The game has adjusted rules to prevent things from getting too crazy, but this last game was ridiculous in the lack of tackling and effort on some plays.

Mortensen is reporting that teams would still include Pro Bowl bonuses, with the league potentially honoring players during the Super Bowl. There just would no longer be a game. This would be the first league to get rid of their All Star game, but the NFL is also the only league that hosts the game after the season.

I still think there should be some kind of flag football game in place of the Pro Bowl. You could have a lot of fun with that, including having offensive linemen playing as skill position players. Little things like that could make for a more fun experience.