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NFL Mock Draft Database 2012: 49ers Are OGs

OK, that might have been a little bit too cheesy a line. The NFL Draft is just hours away and I wanted to post one last look at our 49ers mock draft database. This final set of mocks shows a lot of change from just two days ago. We have a new top player and a new top position courtesy of the last minute push among many for an offensive guard at No. 30.

Coby Fleener had been the leading player for most of the last two months as most people just saw that as the natural next step for him given his relationship with Harbaugh and the 49ers offensive ideas. However, today, offensive guards Kevin Zeitler and Amini Silatolu have claimed the top of the heap, appearing in six mock drafts apiece. Add in two Peter Konz appearances and interior linemen show up in 14 of the 30 mock drafts.

Wide receiver also moved up with eight separate mocks, including four with Stephen Hill, three with Kendall Wright and one with Rueben Randle. I find myself wondering if the non-Mike Mayock Kendall Wright picks looked at Mayock's mock to some degree in their choice of him.

I think for a lot of these picks, some analysts will hear other analysts chatting up a specific player and next thing you know, there is a groundswell of momentum for that pick. That could be one reason mock drafts are even less reliable since so many come from second, third, and fourth hand information. In reality, much of the information is not even connected to any team or league source, but rather someone just speculating on their own. If enough people start talking about, folks start to assume it is legit.