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2012 NFL Draft Predictions: So Who Is It Going To Be?

We have been talking nonstop for the last four months or more about the 49ers possible first round picks. We've discussed everybody from Stephen Hill to Coby Fleener to Amini Silatolu to Kevin Zeitler. And that's just in the last few days. There have been numerous names mentioned as possible picks for the 49ers, thanks in large part to the team's lack of many glaring needs.

Since the NFL Draft is a few hours away, I thought we'd go with one last poll about the pick. I've included some of the more frequently mentioned names. I included an Other option if you strongly believe somebody else will be the pick. Please specify who that would be in the comments.

At this late juncture, my prediction on the pick is offensive guard Kevin Zeitler. If Zeitler is not there, my second prediction would be Amini Silatolu. I make those predictions in part because I don't think Stephen Hill drops to the 49ers and I don't think they select Coby Fleener. It is hard to predict trades, but I could see the 49ers moving back into the beginning of the second round to select Silatolu.

What is your final prediction for pick No. 30? This poll is not including trades, so make your prediction based on no trade, but then feel free to comment if you think there will actually be a trade.