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NFL Draft 2012 Open Thread: Browns-Vikings Reportedly Get The Dealing Going


Here we go! The NFL Draft is finally here and 32 teams get a chance to figure out how they can improve their team. The Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins have more or less made their picks as they will make Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III the first two picks of the draft.

Initially there were a lot of question marks after the first two, but we have a little bit more clarity now. Reports indicate the Cleveland Browns have traded their fourth, fifth and seventh round to move up from the fourth pick to the third pick of the first round. The reports are not fully confirmed until the draft gets going, but if the deal did happen, it sounds like the Browns simply wanted to ensure they can grab Trent Richardson.

Other than that, we get to wait a few hours for the 49ers to get on the clock. They could still move up, but it will be a while before we would see them doing anything, one way or another. In the meantime, we've got an open thread for your enjoyment. If you do not have a television to watch the draft, you can watch it online via

A couple quick reminders about this thread (and all threads for the three days of the draft. Site decorum is off, but please avoid gratuitous swearing where possible. Additionally, site decorum being off does not mean you can launch personal attacks. If you disagree with somebody, go after the opinion, NOT the person. Also, please do not use GIFs in these live threads.

We'll be around all evening and into the weekend with plenty of draft coverage. Enjoy!