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NFL Draft Results 2012: NFC West Adds Michael Floyd, Michael Brockers, Bruce Irvin

The 2012 NFL Draft is rolling along and we're at the halfway point. The NFC West has used three of their four picks with the 49ers sitting as the only team left on the board at No. 30. The Arizona Cardinals selected wide receiver Michael Floyd, the St. Louis Rams traded down from six to acquire defensive tackle Michael Brockers at No. 14, and the Seattle Seahawks selected outside linebacker Bruce Irvin.

The Irvin pick was an interesting one as he was expected to drop a bit further. The 49ers were connected with him in recent days as someone reportedly "promised" Irvin they would pick him. Maybe it was Seattle. They traded down from the No. 12 pick, likely knowing they would have no trouble getting Irvin at that point.

The 49ers now get to sit and wait to see what they want to do with their pick. There are plenty of options and maybe a name or two will drop to them. Fingers crossed!