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AJ Jenkins Draft Pick: Trent Baalke Reportedly Gets His Guy

New jersey being made (Courtesy of <a href="" target="new">49ers on</a>)
New jersey being made (Courtesy of 49ers on

The 49ers brain trust continued to keep fans on their toes as they selected wide receiver A.J. Jenkins out of Illinois. The pick elicited a collective "huh?" from 49ers fans as he was a guy that was fairly far down most draft boards. And yet, this was a guy Trent Baalke wanted.

The reports around Twitter had Baalke reportedly writing Jenkins name and placing it in an envelope last night. The 49ers reportedly were called by the Minnesota Vikings about moving out of the first round but turned down the opportunity. The 49ers declined the trade opportunity, citing the belief that Jenkins could actually be picked before the 49ers made that new second round pick.

Mel Kiper weighed in on A.J. Jenkins a few days ago and had him solidly in the second, going as high as No. 38 in a mock draft. Mel Kiper is but one voice among hundreds, if not thousands, but it is still worth mentioning. And of course, it took all of an hour to sell myself on the pick.

At the end of the day, in the immediate aftermath of the pick, I can live with it because of my trust of the Harbaalke brain-trust. I can't say I love the pick one way or another in part because I know so little about him. I like what I'm reading so far, even if it still seems like a bit of a reach. However, if Harbaalke had him that high on their draft board, I don't think anybody can say they have not earned the benefit of the doubt. It is entirely possible the pick will not work out. For now, though, we'll just have to wait and see.

In Harbaalke We Trust!