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NFL Draft 2012: Best Players Remaining For 49ers Needs After Day One

Well I don't know about you but that was a whirlwind first-round of the NFL Draft last night. The new rookie wage-scale slotting system really opened up the floor for trades, and teams that trade-up know exactly who they want...meaning the picks come in fast and furious.

Our own 49ers selected A.J. Jenkins, a wide receiver from Illinois, with the 30th pick. It came as a surprise to even God Himself, ok...maybe not, but He would have been the ONLY one who saw this coming. Still, after looking at tape and reading more on him I think that although the draft "experts" and prognosticators might feel Jenkins was a reach...he could turn out to be one helluva player.

At any rate today starts rounds two and three with the remainder of the draft finishing up this weekend. Let's take a look at the talent that's still on the board for the 49ers entering rounds two through seven.

Obviously the team didn't address the perceived need at right guard, yet. There are still some real quality guys left on the board who project well to the fact, two or three of them could have very well been first round picks last night according to some.

There's also depth at the cornerback position, pass rusher, 5-tech defensive end, running back, and safety to consider.

After the jump we'll dive into who's left!

First of all here is a great link by Mocking the Draft with the updated "best available" from here on out. Check that out for sure as they know their stuff.

In terms of players the 49ers could target, here is my short-list...with some being a potential trade-up situation:

I wouldn't be surprised in the least if the 49ers traded up in either the second round or future rounds beyond. There aren't many roster spots available and this team already has a lot of talent. We need starting caliber players to be primary backups at the very least...and be ready to step-in and start at a moment's notice if there's an injury or a player leaves in free-agency.

It's gonna be another good one today! I can't wait!