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2012 NFL Draft, Day Two: Start Time, TV Schedule, 49ers Picks

Day two of the 2012 NFL Draft gets going in a few hours and I wanted to get a post together with some of the basic viewing information. I've seen some comments about time and picks, so here are some of the basics for you.

The second round of the Draft gets going at 4:00pm PT with NFL Network and ESPN continuing their coverage. ESPN will switch the coverage to ESPN2 tomorrow for day three of the draft. Tonight's round is slated to last approximately four and a half hours from 4pm to 8:30pm. Tomorrow is scheduled to start at 9:00am PT. Last night flew by rather quickly, so we'll see how today's rounds go. The second round provides teams with seven minutes to make their selections. The third round allows teams five minutes for their selections.

The 49ers hold the 29th pick of the second round, which is No. 61 overall. They hold the 29th pick of the third round, which is No. 92 overall. Given the number of roster spots that would appear to be legitimately up for grabs, a trade at some point would seem to be a very real possibility this weekend. It could be packaging some picks to move up in a round, or it could mean trading down for a higher 2013 pick. There is no way to know what will happen, but the numbers game would seem to indicate something could eventually be in the works.

Consider this sort of an open thread for questions about day two or three of the draft that aren't covered in other posts. I'll be around most of the day so I'll be happy to answer them, and of course, anybody else around is welcome to answer.