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NFL Draft Results 2012: St. Louis Rams Trade Down, Add Isaiah Pead


The NFL Draft continues rolling along as we are over halfway through round two. The 49ers are now sitting ten picks away. The rest of the NFC West is done for the round, with the Arizona Cardinals having dealt their pick away.

The Rams moved the third of their picks down to No. 50 and drafted running back Isaiah Pead. The Rams have Steven Jackson but he is aging in dog years given how hard he works. This would seem to indicate the Rams are less than pleased with running back Jerious Norwood. After a couple strong seasons in Atlanta, Norwood has struggled since, so it makes since to look to the future. The Rams need some wide receivers, but there is some interesting deeper talent at the receiver position, so they would seem to be waiting on that.

As the 49ers await their pick, any thoughts on what position it might be? We can't really accurately predict players, but positions are a bit easier. Offensive line remains a strong possibility, but running back and defensive back could be possibilities.

If you are interested, check out the 49ers War Room Cam. It has been off for a bit, but is expected to start back up around pick 56 of the second round.