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2012 NFL Draft: 49ers Trade Third Round Pick To Indianapolis Colts

The San Francisco 49ers ended their second day of the 2012 NFL Draft with their first trade of the weekend. The 49ers traded away their third round pick (No. 92 overall) to the Indianapolis Colts. In exchange the 49ers landed the Colts fourth round pick (second of the round) and the Colts fifth round pick next season.

The team basically moved down five spots for a fifth round pick next year. It would seem to indicate they are comfortable with the players available early tomorrow, and thus were fine making the move. Given how the 49ers draft board has appeared at times, this is not all that surprising. We'll now have to wait until shortly after 9am PT tomorrow to figure out the 49ers next pick.

That wraps up day two of the 2012 NFL Draft for the 49ers. They added LaMichael James to go with first round addition, wide receiver A.J. Jenkins. The 49ers have added some serious speed. The wide receiver and running back positions feature a whole lot of competition heading into the summer, but they have added some intriguing talent to the mix.

The wide receiver position could see six players carried on the roster, particularly in light of the numerous injuries last year. Aside from Anthony Dixon, the 49ers could still very well carry four running backs. They carried Moran Norris throughout last season, but could actually find some use if Jacobs was the extra running back on the roster. Of course, nothing guarantees Jacobs makes the roster next season, so the excess of running backs isn't exactly a bad thing right now.