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2012 NFL Draft Grades, Day Two: 49ers Add Playmaker, Make Trade

The San Francisco 49ers had a fairly active and interesting day two of the 2012 NFL Draft, as they managed to add an electric playmaker and make a deal for a 2013 pick. It is once again a day of moves that caught some folks by surprise, but upon further review, would seem to improve the team.

The big move was drafting LaMichael James late in the second round. The 49ers have a rather full backfield with the likes of Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Brandon Jacobs and Anthony Dixon. The addition of James would seem to invade Hunter's turf, but James would appear to bring a whole other element of explosiveness to the table. The 49ers backfield goes from strong to incredibly loaded with this pick.

It is not necessarily a pick I would have made, but I can see the value in adding a playmaker. He brings an explosive element to the rushing and passing attack, and he also could be a significant option as a kick and punt returner. I can very much live with the upside of LaMichael James.

The 49ers followed that up by dealing out of the third round. They traded their pick in the third round to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for their fourth round pick (No. 2) and a fifth round pick in 2013. It seems like an odd deal, but they add a pick in exchange for moving down only five spots. I can live with that.

I helped put together some video breaking down the NFC West draft results on day two and will get that posted ASAP. In the meantime, drop a grade in here. Sneak preview of the view: I give the 49ers a B.