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2012 NFL Draft: 49ers Pick Should Come Fast And Furious


Fooch's Note: War Room Cam

Thanks to the San Francisco 49ers decision to trade out of the third round, they now sit with the second pick of the fourth round today. That means we'll see a pick no more than ten minutes into the draft. Day four picks all have a time limit of five minutes and teams will hopefully be powering through relatively quickly.

The 49ers have five picks in these final four rounds, with a fairly limited number of roster spots potentially available. They made their first trade yesterday to move down, but did not unload any current picks for future picks. They did unload their third round pick, but still picked up a fourth round pick as part of the deal. I still think they deal a pick in a package to either move up or deal away for a slightly better pick in 2013. I'm sure I'll be wrong, but that's the thought for now.

The 49ers could use some help in a variety of areas including offensive line depth (or starting at right guard, depending on whom you ask), safety, outside linebacker, and maybe even inside linebacker depending on their long term plans alongside Larry Grant.

We'll be back with a new post after the 49ers pick, but in the meantime, enjoy the lead up to the final day of the draft.