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2012 NFL Draft Undrafted Free Agent Tracker: 49ers Closing In On 90-Man Roster

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The San Francisco 49ers added seven players in the 2012 NFL Draft and have begun filling in their remaining available roster spots with undrafted free agents. Teams will cut down to 53 players by the end of training camp, but in the meantime they are allowed to carry 90 players into camp.

Following their seven picks, the 49ers roster currently stands at 71 players. Much like the rest of the NFL, the team has quickly jumped into the undrafted free agency market. The team has not made any of their signings official, but they have been linked via player or agent tweet or report to numerous players. After the jump I've posted 18 players with which they have been connected. If all 18 end up signing, that leaves the 49ers one player under the 90-man limit.

Undrafted free agents have a tough uphill battle to earning a roster spot, but the 49ers did have two make the roster last year in the form of nose tackle Ian Williams and defensive end Demarcus Dobbs. The 49ers roster is a little deeper this season, but a guy like Jewel Hampton could surprise some folks.

The 49ers have a lot of running backs on the roster, but a guy like Brandon Jacobs really is not a lock to make the roster. Even as a big guy he hasn't been the best power runner in recent years. If a guy like Hampton could show some more physicality, Jacobs could very well end up as a final week cut.

Beyond that, I could see Chris Owusu ending up on the practice squad, but I still need to do a bit more research on some of the other guys. We've got the list of players after the jump, with one more likely expected. If you hear any more rumors, feel free to post them in the comments.

Johnson Bademosi, CB, Stanford
Kourtnei Brown, DE, Clemson
Patrick Butrym, DL, Wisconsin
Garrett Celek, TE, Michigan State
Dajuan Cofield, RB, San Jose State
Jewel Hampton, RB, Southern Illinois
Joe Holland, OLB, Purdue
Matt Masifilo, DT, Stanford
Anthony Mosley, CB, Kentucky
Kevin Murphy, OL, Harvard
Chris Owusu, WR, Stanford
Al Netter, OG, Northwestern
Nathan Palmer, WR, NIU
Georgio Tavecchio, K, Cal
Michael Thomas, S, Stanford
Brian Tymes, WR, FAMU
Deante Purvis, DB, UNLV
Tony Jerod-Eddie, DL, Texas A&M