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Golden Nuggets: Santa Clara Stadium Now A Reality

Good morning, ladies and gents. Just so you have an idea of how the Nuggets are going to look going forward, the new guy - Aaron - will probably be doing the Nuggets two times per week, and the rest will be me. We've yet to hammer out the details, but I'm transitioning into some different roles with SB Nation starting in about a week, so I needed the extra help here. The Nuggets will hopefully grow and be more expansive, but do keep in mind that this is the offseason, so some changes may not be as obvious as the pool of links dries up.

You can blame lazy beat writers for that. No really, go get on Twitter and blame 'em all. As far as the 49ers are concerned though, we've got some pertinent news today, so let's get to the linkage, chiiiiilllllldren!

As for that pertinent news, the new stadium groundbreaking is set for April 19. As someone who has posted around 50 articles on the woes of the Minnesota Vikings and their stadium (they've been trying for a decade total, longer than the 49ers), I was skeptical up until today. Even knowing that everything passed didn't change the fact that I've seen way too much bickering in these matters to believe it. But now it's good to go. (SB Nation Bay Area)

While I definitely disagree with the statement about there not being history of sub-par college players being stars in the NFL, this is a solid post about the hype regarding Stephen Hill and his college production. I'll be honest with you, I started watching a lot of videos with him in him due to all this hype and hadn't looked at the stat-line once. I didn't realize his production was that low. (BA Sports Guy)

Maybe by the time the Nuggets go up, they won't be available any longer, but for now, the tickets to the Draft Party in Santa Clara on the April 26 are now available. I've been a couple times and I've found it to be a blast - it's more than just a fluff event. The 49ers want you to have a great time there. I know I did. Worth it, though I didn't go last year and won't be able to go this year. (

There is potentially a lot of hope riding on Daniel Kilgore heading into 2012, providing the 49ers don't draft a right guard. OK, that's wrong, they will definitely draft a right guard, but it all depends on where they get him. They might legitimately believe Kilgore is the guy going forward and that, to be quite honest, scares the crap out of me. (NBC Bay Area)

Oh, Brian Murphy. Just sleep through April 1 next year, OK? (BA Sports Guy)

Alex Smith most definitely has some problems on third down. Then again, I'm also not keen on the 49ers' play-calling on third down, even with Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman calling the shots. On top of that, it's also one of the things that Alex does that doesn't make me as angry as ... some of the other things he does. Like having balls batted down at the line of scrimmage more than any other quarterback, and overthrowing deep to the left sideline every time. (Cohn)

49 in 49: QB Brock Osweiler (

49 in 49: Pac-12 Week (

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