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Nike NFL Uniforms Release: NFL Network To Air Big Reveal

In one of the more anticipated uniform reveals in sports history, Nike will unveil the jerseys and helmets for the 32 NFL teams at 8:00 a.m. PT. The big reveal will be broadcast live on NFL Network, but you can also get up to the minute updates on a variety of twitter sources. I'd recommend checking out @hogshaven and @uniwatch.

There has been some concern about what Nike will unveil, but all reports indicate no radical changes for most teams. It sounds like the Seattle Seahawks will be making some big changes, but otherwise it should not be a whole lot of much. Someone put together some fake Nike uniforms that go to the extreme like we've seen with Nike in college. While I think they actually look kind of cool from a video game perspective, I'm perfectly fine sticking with something along the lines of what has been part of 49ers history.

After the jump I've posted a picture of a mannequin in a hooded 49ers sweatshirt. I'll post more pictures as I find them.

via @pigskinbuzz