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49ers Nike Uniform Revealed: Not Too Drastic A Change

The planned 8:00 a.m. PT unveiling of the new Nike uniforms ended up dragging close to an hour before we finally saw what the 49ers and the rest of the NFL will be wearing in 2012. The 49ers tweeted out this picture on Instagram, and if you head after the jump you can view the uniform on a mannequin courtesy of Darren Rovell.

What do you think? It doesn't seem too drastically different. There is the big swoosh on the left arm, and maybe a little bit more of a plunged neck? The arms of the jersey seem a little shorter, but it's hard to tell from this picture how the arms stretch out. On the picture after the jump, the number looks a little bigger and it seems like a little more solid red color.


49ers Unifrom

Darren Rovell on WhoSay

Here is a picture of the group of athletes wearing the jerseys and I think you can make out Alex Smith in the picture:


The back of the jersey courtesy of @49ers