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49ers Offseason Workouts: Randy Moss Reports

Randy Moss at practice on Monday, April 30 (courtesy of <a href="!/49ers" target="new">@49ers</a> and <a href="" target="new">49ers on Instagram</a>)
Randy Moss at practice on Monday, April 30 (courtesy of @49ers and 49ers on Instagram)

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed one of their free agent pickups to camp today as Randy Moss reported for duty. Although workouts began a couple weeks ago, the plan was always to have Moss report on April 30 while he wrapped up some personal stuff in West Virginia.

When the 49ers added Moss to the roster last month, the idea was that he would help bring a vertical threat and some more speed to the offense. The 49ers have added even more weapons since then in drafting A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft.

The 49ers additions bring their own set of question marks to a formerly fairly plodding 49ers offense. The 49ers seemed to open things up at times, particularly into the postseason, but there was plenty of room for improvement. Now we get to see a whole host of weapons battling for playing time.

Coaches Harbaugh and Roman, as well as the rest of the offensive coaching staff, will have their hands full to a certain extent in spreading the ball around. The 49ers added a pair of veterans in Randy Moss and Brandon Jacobs that still may not end up on the final 53-man roster. If I were to pick one not to make the roster it would be Jacobs, but both will have sufficient roster battles to make things interesting.