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NFL Mock Draft 2013: 49ers Looking At Upwards Of 13 Picks

At the beginning of the 2012 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers held seven picks for the draft and eight for the 2013 NFL Draft thanks to the Taylor Mays trade (netted a seventh round pick). By the end of Saturday, the 49ers had made seven selections, but they had added three more picks in 2013. By the end of the fourth round, the 49ers had eleven picks in 2013. They held their seven picks, plus the following 2013 picks:

Carolina Panthers' third-round pick
Indianapolis Colts' fifth-round pick
Miami Dolphins sixth-round pick

As it stands, the 49ers hold eleven picks. That number could rise to as much as 13 depending on how compensatory picks play out. Excluding players that were released or signed after being released, the 49ers signed four free agents and lost six free agents. The formula is a bit funky, but there is a decent chance the 49ers will be able to net those two picks, giving them 13 picks in 2013. That would be the most in the league for now.

Having those kinds of picks provide the 49ers with a chance to make some moves throughout the draft. Considering the current state of the 49ers roster, there is little chance they make all 11-13 picks in 2013. They will be in a position to move up in just about any round depending on how they package picks, which makes them a dangerous team next year.

I personally have no plans on posting any mock drafts for another eight or nine months, but I thought I'd wrap up that part of the draft season with a link to SB Nation's 2013 NFL Mock Draft. It has the 49ers picking 24th, but I'd certainly hope for pick No. 32. I can honestly say I have no idea whether the mock of CB Johnthan Banks is a good selection. The odds of him being the pick in a year is somewhere between slim and none so I won't hurt my head too much thinking about it.