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Welcome to the 48174982749821647812412ish installment of the NFL draft post. If you read the previous posts you know that here we talk about everything draft related. If you are new then you know now. So if you want to other people's opinions on a certain player (i.e Kellen Moore, the best NCAA QB) you can ask for it here. There are certain guidelines though its not complicated you just need to follow site rules.

For this draft post I will be writing about the overrated prospects in this draft. Not in any particular order. But before I continue please sign up for the community mock draft if you haven't already.

The link is here.

Dontari Poe

When a DT has one sack and 22 tackles while playing for Memphis the discussion shouldn't be when he will be drafted but if he will be drafted. Due to Poe's size all he can do is play NT for a 3-4 team. The only reason why he is even in the discussion on the first round is his athleticism but if a player can barely produce while playing for Memphis then how will he fare when he plays against NFL players?

Stepehen Hill

The same thing as Poe except worse. Ever since Hill destroyed the combine people seem to forget that he only knows how to go in a straight line. He won't be getting the same single coverage like he did in college because the safeties in the NFL won't be in the box every play to stop the run. Not to mention his hands are inconsistent dropping 5 of a possible 33 passes. Including this one.

Ryan Tannehill

Ok, how is he a top 5 prospect? I guess being a QB with a strong arm is all you need to do to be considered a top prospect. His completion percentage was 61% for the year. Not to mention that he threw 15 INTs for 29 TDs. During his proday there were complaints about him hesitating on throwing down the middle of the field.

Andrew Luck

How can the number one prospect become overrated? When people say that he is the best QB prospect since John Elway and already saying he is the next Peyton Manning. Luck got to play with 2 first round OL the best TE and got coached by someone who made Alex Smith look good. So lets cool it on the Luck hype guys.

So who do you think is under/overrated in this years draft?

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