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Golden Nuggets: More Uniform Talk, Respect From the League

Hello everyone and good morning. I'm back on for this edition of the Nuggets. James explained it all in yesterday's edition. I'll be doing a few a week and he'll be doing the rest, so go easy on us while we get it all sorted. Once I get a bit quicker at it I'll probably take another few off his hands. And just in case anyone missed it, I live in Australia, yes, Australia. What it means is it's already Wednesday night here. Yes, I live in the future. I get off work after midnight California time and have to race to get everything up by 2am. Basically, if my auto-correct replaces honor with honour, don't get mad at me. Get mad at the English. But, that's boring logistical talk. Let's talk about the day's news.

Well, it seems like the only thing anyone is writing about is the new uniforms. There's a ton of opinions on them. Ricky Jean-Francois thinks they're a bit form fitting. I think they're a bit over the top. The gloves are going to blind the DBs of the opposing team and allow for easy touchdown's so there is a practical side. No, seriously, have you seen the gloves?!? released it's 12 in 12 list. It's a list of the top 12 games to look forward to in the upcoming season. And...the award for most desirable game goes to...the 49ers! Yes, who could have thought that the League would find us so desirable after all these years. We're featured in 2 of the 12 games. Edggy pointed it out in a comment on yesterday's Nuggets...thanks. (

Bay Area SB Nation writers (well, Fooch and James) have a handful of posts on the new Niners uniforms. This coming fall's fashion is all about the v-neck. Gloves are all the rage as the fashion capital, Beaverton, Oregon, sets the pace. What would Milan have to say about all this? (Bay Area SB Nation)

Matt Barrows excuses his laziness and discusses the pending visit of Jason Brown, the ex-Raven who may be trying out for right guard (the position, not the deodorant). It's OK Matt, we like your work around here. (Barrows)

James takes a deeper look at the Jason Brown situation over at Bay Area SB Nation. Are we secure with Daniel Kilgore as the starting right guard? If so, I think we are blindly following the lead of Harbaalke, no questions asked. I'm OK with that. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Northwestern CB Jeremy Lane is also scheduling a visit with the 49ers. Niners scouts attended his pro day and were impressed with what they saw. We've had success drafting late round CBs in the last few years. Is Lane next? (Branch)

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback (hereforth to be referred to as MMQB in all of my posts) has a few Niners tidbits in it in case you missed it. I think it was him that broke the story of Jim Harbaugh - Jim Schwartz post handshake make-up. In his 10 things section, he gives love to Alex Smith for helping out in the missing teen search and thinks Harbaugh can get the most out of Brandon Jacobs. (King)

Bay Area Sports Guy has a refreshing take on the new Niners uniforms unleashed by Nike in the past few days. But, unlike most of us, he doesn't dislike them because they are ugly, he dislikes them because....(hint: it's personal). (BASG)

SJ Mercury News has transcripts from an Alex Smith interview on Sirius. How close was he to leaving? What does he think of Randy Moss? Where can you get a link to the audio? Click the link and find out. (Mercury News)

In another post, Cam Inman gives his take on the Niners uniforms with a few witticisms. Did the league time this on purpose? Lull in football news?...New uniforms! Discuss amongst yourselves! (Mercury News) gives some official team-related uniform info. Find out where to get pre-sales and what Ricky Jean-Francois thinks about them. (

Unfortunately, Dontavia Bogan made the news again and not for any good reasons. He is accused of punching a security guard at a late-night taco eatery. Aye dios mio! Now if anyone read my first post, I explained what a Bogan means in Australia and gave some examples of their dress and behavior (see Saturday's Nuggets). Well, if the ugg boot fits, wear it! (Barrows)

CSN Bay Area talks about the draft class coming out of Stanford. 4 first rounders? Possibly. Jim Harbaugh selecting some of the players he helped recruit out of high school? Well, if Andrew Luck slips to 30... (CSN Bay Area)

National Football Post gives an excellent report on our teams needs going into the draft. Not only does it tell us what we need, it tells us where to find it. No use in identifying a problem and not giving a solution. (National Football Post)

Today's edition of 49 in 49 over at covers an unheralded QB out of a small school called Stanford. There's not much info about the guy on the web so this video should help remove the cloak of secrecy surrounding him. Sorry, sarcasm is the only sense of humor we have here in Australia...sorry. (

NBC Bay Area has a take on our recent WR additions. How good will Mario Manningham and Randy Moss be in the new year? It's got some comments from Carlos Rogers as well as some analysis. (NBC Bay Area)

Yahoo! Sports grades us on our free agency work. They give us an A and pass on some info from ESPN as well as fleshing out the analysis a bit. Thanks for noticing! (Yahoo! Sports)

And finally, Happy Birthday to They turn 15 this year. Why when I was their age...well, I can't write that here, my mom might be reading. Thank God they didn't have youtube in those days! (49erswebzone)

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