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Madden Cover Tournament: Patrick Willis Advances To Quarterfinal Matchup With Victor Cruz

The Madden cover tournament continues rolling along and 49ers LB Patrick Willis has made his way into the quarterfinals. Following a 58%-42% victory over Maurice Jones-Drew, Bamm Bamm advances to face New York Giants WR Victor Cruz. Willis was initially placed as an 11 seed, but he would seem to have been drastically underseeded.

I know plenty of people are concerned about the Madden curse. Given the history, I can understand the concerns. At the same time, given how this tournament is likely to play out, I really don't think we should be concerned about it. I think it would be a sizable upset if the championship matchup was not Cam Newton versus Rob Gronkowski. Newton has dominated his matchups thus far, and Gronkowski has won with relative ease. Both face popular wide receivers in the quarterfinals, but again, it would take a big upset to knock them off.

Thus, I think if you are concerned about the curse, it is still OK to keep voting for Patrick Willis. And do we really wanna see a 49er lose to a Giant again?