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Patrick Willis: "[Coach Harbaugh] is crazy, but he’s a good crazy"

We all know 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is a fairly intense individual. It also seems pretty apparent that his players love what he brings to the table. Patrick Willis made that abundantly clear in an interview he conducted with ESPN Radio today. In describing Coach Harbaugh, Willis said:

"He is crazy, but he's a good crazy," Willis said. "He's the kind of crazy that there is not a player on that team that would not go to war with him ... He's crazy in that if he had to lay himself on the line to make sure that you'd live, the guy beside him would keep fighting, he would do that. That's crazy, but he's that type of coach for us and he has that with us."

Indeed, Coach Harbaugh brings the awesome kind of crazy. I think I can live with this in a head coach. It only seems to help matters, whether it be getting the team fired up as a whole, or just getting Alex Smith jacked up. We know about the showdown with Jim Schwartz, but even in college he brought the intensity: