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Patrick Willis Chats With ESPN

I suppose it has been a sort of Patrick Willis kind of week thus far. It's been fairly quiet, but the 49ers inside linebacker has advanced into the semifinals of the Madden cover tournament. He faces Victor Cruz this round and I'd suggest heading over to vote. If you strongly believe in the Madden curse, vote for Cruz. If you don't want to see another Giants victory, vote for Patrick Willis. In reality, Cam Newton is likely going to roll through this tournament, so I don't think advancing Patrick Willis is the worst thing in the world. Either way, go vote.

As part of the promotion for Madden 13, ESPN had Willis on Sportscenter yesterday. I've embedded the video after the jump. Bamm Bamm spends much of the time discussing the 2011 season, with a plug for Madden at the end. Although Willis struggled late in the season with injuries, he remained a dominant force when healthy. The 49ers have the best inside linebacker duo in the league, and it would be nice to get a full season out of Willis and NaVorro Bowman.

Patrick Willis on ESPN