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Gregg Williams Audio: 49ers Pre-Game Speech Probably Won't Go Over Well

Fooch's Note: Just to clarify, this speech was the night before the game.

If you haven't seen/heard it yet, some audio has been released from before the 49ers-Saints playoff game and I think it is safe to say this will not help in the Bountygate appeals proces. The audio comes courtesy of Sean Pamphilon, who was putting together a book with Kyle Turley about his brain issues following his career in football.

This embedded audio is a little over three minutes. You can listen to the entire 12 minutes HERE. If you cannot get audio wherever you are at, the video below is the audio with the words posted on a black screen, so you can still watch it to see what is being said.

Given my lack of football-playing experience, I cannot say how much of this is normal pre-game talk and how much is over the line. People that have spent time in locker rooms are much better situated to comment on it. All I know is what I hear and it strikes me as serious bad news for Williams. Add in Carlos Rogers confirming a bounty program in Washington and it would be a significant upset if Gregg Williams ever worked in the NFL again.

New 49ers special teamer Rock Carwright did weigh in on this. He was on some of those Williams' teams in Washington, so I'd say it's pertinent to this discussion: