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#MockTre NFL Mock Draft Completed: 49ers Results

I recently held another Twitter-based mock NFL Draft called #MockTre. The hashtag (#) makes it easy for anyone on Twitter to follow along with the picks and trades, etc. If you think hashtags are good with eggs and toast, nevermind.

Unlike the first mock I did, #VoteMock, this draft was a full seven rounds and featured a separate General Manager (GM) for each team. Each GM had two hours to make their selection in rounds one through four, and just one hour in rounds five through seven.

Trades were allowed but only current and future draft picks, NOT players on active rosters. I kept track of the draft order, GM's list, and results in a Google Doc. You can find all of this info here.

After the jump, we'll look at the 49ers "haul" of prospects in this week-long mock draft.

Pick 1.30: Coby Fleener TE

Fleener is a dynamic weapon for the offense who will immediately make the passing game more explosive. Vernon Davis AND Coby Fleener, both of which run 4.4X 40's, are a nightmare for defensive coordinators to stop. Both can be flexed out as receivers or kept inside to run the middle of the hashes. Add Delanie Walker in a 3 TE package and it's impossible to tell if it's a run, pass, or stop either.

Pick 2.30: Markelle Martin FS

Martin is one of the top free safety prospects in the draft, providing good depth behind Dashon Goldson. There's no guarantee Goldson will be back after this year since he has been designated the franchise player - essentially a one-year contract. Behind him there are young, raw players in Mark LeGree and Colin Jones. CJ Spillman looks to be the backup at the strong safety position, primarily helping in goal-line and short yardage packages thus-far.

Pick 3.30: Brandon Washington OG

The 49ers get a guy in Washington who should be able to challenge for the starting RG spot and likely earn it. He's a former tackle (or will be after he's moved inside to guard) and thus has athletic ability to pull and hit in the run game...something Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman like to do quite a bit of.

Pick 4.30: Tauren Poole RB

In Poole the team get's a one-cut runner of similar stature to Frank Gore. He's under six feet tall and over 200lbs but presses the hole quickly and get's north and south. I don't feel that Brandon Jacobs will make the roster and Anthony Dixon is not the future every-down RB in my estimation.

Pick 5.30: Tyrone Crawford DE

Crawford is a guy that should learn quickly and be a good situational pass-rusher at the next level. It remains to be seen if he can stand up and drop back into coverage as an OLB, but Vic Fangio doesn't ask much of his outside linebackers in that way, and he'll mostly be used in Nickel as a defensive end to begin with.

Pick 6.29: Coty Sensabaugh CB

A guy without much tape but said to be a good man cover CB from Clemson. Worth a pick here in the late sixth round as depth at CB to challenge Tramaine Brock and Perrish Cox for the Dime/Special Teams spot.

Pick 7.30: Jarrett Boykin WR

A big-framed WR with good jump-ball skills. Another potential red-zone threat if he can usurp someone from the mysterious WR corps currently assembled, including Joe Hastings and John Matthews.