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Golden Nuggets: Of Bounties And Rivalries

Wow. That's basically a good way to describe just how I'm feeling after seeing the things that Gregg Williams said in that bounty video. I mean, I'd assumed that these things were decided on previously and they didn't exactly yell them out during pregame. But no, Williams is right there, talking about Kyle Williams' concussion and injuring ACLs. That's absofrigginlutely brutal.

I'm a bit late to that news, as a trip to the dentist and some painkillers directly related to said trip ensured I was asleep at the time the news came out. Anyway, going to try some different stuff with the Nuggets - ya'll seem to like what Aaron has been doing, so we'll see something along those lines. Let's get to the linkage, chil'ren.

It really is a good thing that the 49ers and Raiders will not be having their Battle of the Bay in the preseason any longer. It's just safer all-around for that kind of thing, but I will say that it's now time for the 49ers to change some of the stupid rules at Candlestick Park. The NFL thinks that more signs that say "no guns" will improve things dramatically. | No More 49ers Vs. Raiders, Now Can San Francisco Please Fix Their Idiotic Tailgating Rules? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Gotta love how Chris Culliver reacted to the Greg Williams recordings, even if he did go ahead and delete the tweet. Also good to know that the 49ers never engaged in that kind of thing, at least while Reggie Smith was around. | 49ers Players React To The Gregg Williams Recording (SB Nation Bay Area)

Ten references to "head" in the audio from Gregg Williams? That's absolutely brutal - not to mention the four mentions of the word "kill." As noted, it doesn't matter at all how many other coaches talk like this. Gregg Williams is done in the NFL, and there's no way around that. It'll be a joke if he's not. | 49ers as targets: Gregg Williams' brutal pregame audio, by the numbers (BA Sports Guy)

I think the strongest statement in this list of reactions is from Ken Williams. I feel like, on one hand, he wants to sue the living hell out of Gregg Williams, but I also feel like he just wants to beat him down. I'd elect for the latter if I was in his position, but that's neither here nor there. | Reactions pouring in on Williams' commands to injure 49ers (Inman)

It really is odd to think about the 49ers playing somewhere other than Candlestick Park at this point. They've just been there for so long. If you haven't been or you haven't been in a long time, you really should make it out to a game before 2014, because they could conceivably be gone at that point. | San Francisco plans to demolish Candlestick Park (CSN Bay Area)

I'll always remember Reggie Smith based on just a few plays in which he looked really, really good. There was a moment for a little while there - in 2010 - when Smith played a few games and looked very good. Much better than Dashon Goldson over a short period of time, leading me and many others to suggest he needed to start and let Goldson walk in 2011. But that never happened and he absolutely disappeared in 2011. Perhaps he'll fare better in Carolina. | Former 49ers safety Reggie Smith signs with Panthers (Lam)

Jim Harbaugh is a crazy, crazy person. Like super crazy. Patrick Willis acknowledges that. So crazy that he causes coaches to flip out when he shakes their hand. But don't worry about that - Schwartz, who is obviously terrified, is back on speaking terms with him. | Jim Harbaugh Crazy And Conciliatory? Ask Patrick Willis And Jim Schwartz (SB Nation Bay Area)

I hate to hear about this kind of thing, but our own Rock Cartwright isn't exactly up in arms about the Williams controversy. Mostly because Cartwright mostly considers it the norm. That's scary. | Cartwright shares his insight of ex-Siants DC Williams (Inman)

Sean Payton and Joe Vitt are trying to claim that Gregg Williams was a rogue coach. Honestly - that's one defense actually being touted here. Sorry, but there was never a point where anyone in that organization thought "Boy, I wish we could get Gregg Williams under control!" Ever. | "Rogue coach" defense rings hollow (

Alex Smith is still adamant that none of his jawing with the Saints had anything to do with the cheap shots or bounty program or anything like that. I really like that Smith even did that, though ... I think Smith with swagger is awesome. He needs to spend more time trash talking. | AUDIO: Alex Smith on Saints: Woofing was about trash talk not cheap shots (

While I think Coby Fleener could end up being very good and fits well into the 49ers offense, I don't think he'll be the best player available at No. 30 and I don't think he'd be a smart pick given some other needs. Still, that's not stopping any mock drafts, and it's becoming near-unanimous at this point. | NFL Mock Draft 2012: San Francisco 49ers, Coby Fleener Matching Up (SB Nation Bay Area)

49 in 49: WR Marvin Jones (

Daniel Kilgore Bulks Up (

Workouts Resume at 49ers Headquarters (

Being a Sheep

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