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Caption This: Fast Is Faster

In light of Alex Smith's Nike photo, it only seemed right to use Caption This to show off a little something from his audition shoot.

"Okay, Alex: Now, give us your angry face. Good, good. I like where you're coming from, but can we have more Devil eyes? Yeah, Devil eyes. You know, that demon-possession look? No. Well, just work on it. That's something we really want to see at the official shoot. Great. Okay, moving on. Can you put both your arms at your sides, but not right at your sides? Yeah, hold them away from your body just a little bit. Oh, wow. You're really a natural with the arms. That's... that's just perfect. You should have seen the trouble we had getting Tebow to do the arm thing. And don't get me started on the Devil eyes! Oh, man. Okay, that's great. Now, can you take off the sweatshirt? Right. Good. Just like that. Just a little slower. Slower. Slower. No, slower. Okay, just put it back on so we can try again. Now... slooooowly..."

Or, at least, I assume that's how Alex Smith's audition with Nike went. That's how mine went, and they probably do it the same for everyone. Probably. Yeah, totally.

Almost definitely.

Of course, the whole reason we're here is for the captions. So go right down to the comments sections and propose your ideal funny caption for the above photo. If you see any that make you laugh, give them a rec. The last time we gathered together, madmatt took home the most recs. Will it be you this time?